Thank me later
45 mins - IDR 330,000++

For those who just want a quick refresh, this facial is also suitable for sensitive skin.
Gentle but effective facial massage techniques increase circulation and firmness but minimize redness.

75 mins - IDR 425,000++

This facial caters to acne prone skin and uneven tone due to pigmentation. It is the perfect combination of skilled extraction, steam ozone, clarifying products and bacteria zapping Blue LED light, and will have you cruising out with your head held high.

The Ivy leaguer
75 mins - IDR 540,000++

Ideal if you are naturally prone to dry skin or are suffering the effects of too much sun exposure. Intensely nourishing products are applied with just the right smoothing touch to ensure total absorption. Finished off with Red LED light to fade out wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.

The Supernova
90 mins - IDR 425,000++

This facial is a complete and exceptional experience, so many steps including a 5 phase cleansing protocol, peel and a nourishing mask. This facial is deeply relaxing, and results in radiant, beautifully clean skin.

60 mins - IDR 350,000++

This one is for the men, as men have different skin composition and pores to women so we have designed this facial specifically for them. Daily shaving wreaks havoc also. This facial is a nourishing, rebalancing, rehydrating experience.

The Cadillac
90 mins - IDR 875,000++

Everything about this facial is premium, carefully curated acupressure facial massage taken from Japanese shiatsu techniques combined with the absolute best Yonka has to offer makes this facial a top of the line non invasive, anti-ageing experience.

Like a Boss Facial Yoga
60 mins - IDR 395,000++

This facial uses accupressure and accupoint facial massage and stretching, kneading strokes to release facial tension and encourage defined contours. It is a work out for the face. We even send you home with a maintenance exercise prescription!

Fresh Booster
Maximize your treatment with this sexy add on!

  • Gamstone Roller Face Yoga 30 mins - IDR 250,000++
  • Collagen Jade Eye Mask 30 mins - IDR 225,000++
  • LED Light Machine 20 mins - IDR 175,000++/session | IDR 375,000++/package of 5 session+1 free