Resurrection Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
30 mins - IDR 125,000++

Perfect for those on the run. We can’t quite claim a cliche loaded re-birth experience, but with skilled therapists showing some love to your back, neck and shoulders we can guarantee you will “float” out feeling a whole lot better than on arrival.

Classic Balinese Massage
60 mins - IDR 225,000++ | 90 mins - IDR 325,000++

You ain’t lived until you have experienced this massage. Quintessential Balinese massage in all its glory. A balanced combination of traditional pijat techniques and long relaxing effleurage strokes that leave you feeling like you need to you need to extend your visa on arrival.

Nomadic Dreams Tension Release Massage
75 mins - IDR 325,000++

The ultimate antithesis to too many hours at the laptop, this remedial massage incorporates lomi lomi strokes and a little bit of elbow action to knead out tension created over time due to bad posture.

Yin Yoga for Dummies Yoga Stretch
90 mins - IDR 375,000++

Wanna feel like your yoga teacher's pet for a change? Our therapists are trained to intuitively assess your flexibility and whilst you are coerced into a deep state of relaxation, your mind falls away and new possibilities arise. This sweet spot combination of ayurvedic acupressure and assisted yoga stretches encourages your body to reach a new level of relaxation and flexibility.

Hot Stone Nidra Massage
90 mins - IDR 450,000++

This blissful experience is not to be missed. The thermal properties of the stones in combination with our skilled massage therapist’s warmed stone strokes result in a feeling of being suspended in deep relaxation. If you love someone buy them this treatment!

Chilli Ultrasonic Detox Treatment
60 mins - IDR 450,000++

Ibu Jo went to Thailand and came back with Chilli cream, Ibu Meg went to the USA and came back with an Ultrasonic machine and so was born the most effective anti-cellulite treatment in Bali!

Not for the faint hearted, this intense anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage treatment yields some serious results. Perfect for those who want to add that extra boost to their detox or need to combat water retention. We use a unique combination of a chilli based cream and a 1Hz Ultrasonic wave technology to penetrate the skin and increase circulation and improve skin elasticity. Please note the Hot Chilli cream is HOT! and the heat lingers post treatment. For best results book a course of successive treatments.

Fresh Signature Experience
75 mins - IDR 345,000++

Our most popular package integrating principles of zero waste bespoke “make your own” new product line! We invite you to create your own massage oil, then enjoy our Classic massage using your own creation, To top it all off you will take home the 50ml bottle.

Fresh Booster
Maximize your treatment with this sexy add on!

  • Coconut Dream Body Scrub
    30 mins - IDR 175,000++

    Body Brushing - Warm Oil - Aromatic