Foot & Leg Spa 30mins - IDR 175,000++
Cleaning - Buffing - Scrubbing-Revitalizing Mask

Coconut Dream Body Scrub 30mins - IDR 175,000++
Body Brushing - Warm Oil - Aromatic Salt Scrub

Balinese Reflexology 30mins - IDR 120,000++
Relaxing - Remedial- Revitalising

Paraffin Hands or Feet 30mins - IDR 150,000++

Gemstone Roller Face Yoga 30mins - IDR 250,000++

Collagen Jade Eye Mask 30mins - IDR 225,000++

LED Light Machine 20mins
This non-evasive, relaxing treatment starts with a short cleanse, using cleanser appropriate for your skin’s condition. Our therapists then will gently treat you with either Red light for collagen building and anti-aging, or Blue light to kill bacteria that causes skin infection (acne).

IDR 75,000++ / Session
IDR 375,000++ / Package of 5 +1 free