Lash Concept Eyelash Extensions last up to 8 weeks and are placed individually on your eyelashes to enlarge and accentuate your eyes with fuller looking lashes. You can still wear make-up on eyelash extensions and eyelash refills are available from 3 weeks. Please do not take the lashes out by yourself as you may risk pulling out your real ones!
Speak to our team for more information and to book your consultation. We can tailor make looks to suit your natural eye shape, otherwise please choose from the following below looks for inspiration:

Effortless natural length and volume is added all over the upper eyelid. Perfect for the “Oh no, I never wear make-up” low maintenance type of girl...
Still very subtle, just to add that extra twinkle in your eye. Longer lashes are placed in the centre of the upper eyes, so eyes appear bigger and rounder for the “I woke up like this” look.
For a little more va-va- voom to your everyday look, lashes are placed on the outer corner of the eyes to widen the eyes for a sultry, get-lost-in-my-eyes aura!
Movie Star
All eyes on me! XL volume, length, curl and wide flick. This old Hollywood glamour style will sure send you into the spotlight.
We can do make-up on request for a special occasion, but please call and speak to our therapists first so we can make it just perfect for you!